Despite the best efforts of authorities and police, road mishaps are common, and in most cases, the driver behind the wheel is to blame. A defensive driving course teaches ways to be defensive on the road, so that you can prevent crashes, accidents and unexpected movements. The course talks about many aspects, including effects of DUI, impact of psychological factors, ways to anticipate possible mishaps, principles of safety, and emergency care along with crash prevention techniques. So, what are the benefits of taking up a defensive driving course? Here’s a quick take.

  1. If you have got a violation ticket, you can use the defensive driving course to reduce points on your driver’s license. In some cases, the court may direct the person to take up such courses too. Please note the options, duration and other aspects of defensive driving course vary from state to state.
  2. You can expect to reduce your auto insurance premiums by 10% or more, as long as the insurance provider has scope for the same. The offer might be applicable for a period of around three to five years, so the savings can be huge if you consider the discount amount. The insurance provider recognizes that you are safe driver, and hence, you can protect yourself and others on the road.
  3. In case your license has been revoked or suspended because of points, a defensive driving course can help in reinstating the same. The laws vary by state, but the DMV may consider that if you are lucky.
  4. More than anything else, such courses teaches everything about defensive driving. Apart from the obligatory needs, you should get enrolled because it’s for your safety. You will know what it takes to handle speeding, road rage and situations that are beyond your control, besides driving safe.
  5. Finally, you get to learn about safety equipment and techniques that are essential in emergency. You will know the course of action that must be followed after the accident, and simple steps and driving techniques that can reduce the impact of the crash.

If the state laws permit, you can take up the course online too. Just look for an online driving school, and you can get access to courses, which can be completed on your smart devices at your own pace. Check the contents in detail and if the concerned course has been approved by the court and state.