The majority of us expected the new Android phone may be the announced gingerbread update, but exactly how as it happens the Gingerbread update is really a small update that’ll be referred to as Android 2.3. Android 3. based on tech rumors circulating round the internet will really be Honeycomb. Therefore the 2.3 Android Operating System update or even the Gingerbread can really be announced and released within the next couple of days. So far as the most recent October official update goes don’t be surprised to determine the brand new 3. OS for Android entitled Honeycomb around Christmas.

Therefore the question here’s what don’t be surprised in the new 2.3 or perhaps 3. Android Operating System update. Around the Android site it had been announced the new updates are mainly noticeable within the graphics change which branding could be more noticeable, anything they mean with that. You will see new icon animations, a brand new search for YouTube as well as Google Talk and Google Voice integration.

New Android 3. will most likely have limitations useful limited simply to top quality handsets and they’ll require no less than 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM, along with a bit bigger screen displays than most smartphones have. Support for WebM playback seemed to be confirmed in addition to VP8 compressed video codec that Google acquired a couple of several weeks back.

We must admit that there are many additional features announced and rumored therefore it is difficult to tell which of them are true and which are not, but fans of Android will certainly possess a couple of items to expect to, such as the new interface. What Android models are we able to be prepared to emerge with 3. OS? To date we’re wishing for that rumored Universe S I9200 which is designed to possess a 4.3 inch display featuring high definition, but we might view it before that within the new Samsung Universe S2 and most likely Nexus Two.

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