Windows 10, which released in 2015, is the latest version of Windows. It was seen as a considerable improvement and a much better upgrade to Windows 8, which had a bunch of problems that experts readily pointed out. If you are using an older version of Windows and want to shift to Windows 10, the very first thing you will need is a Windows 10 key. Depending on the version you want to use, you may need a Windows 10 pro product key or Home Key, and in this post, we are discussing all the aspects you need to know.

The need for Windows 10 product key

Microsoft wants to ensure that every Windows product is used on one computer only and in the way intended. As such, businesses need to opt for Windows 10 Pro version instead of the Home version. Product keys have been consistent aspect of Windows. It must be used for activating the operating system, and in the past, Microsoft would print the Key on the product, which must be then entered manually to activate Windows. Windows 10 product key does the same thing, and now, Microsoft allows you to get access to this key online by buying from their store.

When should you buy Windows 10 product key?

If you are using an older version of Windows, you will need to buy the required version of Windows 10 from Microsoft store. Even in 2017, Microsoft did allow free updates to Windows 10, but that’s not a choice anymore. You will also need to get Windows 10 product key if you are updating from the Home Version to Pro version.

For the uninitiated, Windows 10 has three different versions. The first one is called the “Home” version, which is intended for non-commercial use. There is the second option called “Pro”, which is the professional version of Windows 10. There is also the third choice called “Pro For Workstations”, which is the advanced version of Pro.

Final word

Think of Windows 10 key as the digital license to use the product, and every OS needs to have its own key, which can be used on one computer or system only. Make sure that you check the Microsoft Store to find more on the pricing of Windows 10. The Home version is more than enough for basic home use, while the pro version is designed especially for commercial needs.