Software development is really a dangerous business.

Many software developers are barely good at their trade, significantly less at business. They cannot know how your company operates – as well as their code is not hard to rely on.

It crashes constantly.

It is not professional.

It hurts your company.

If you would like software produced for your company, what else could you do?

You’ll need a software development professional – a consummate bussinessman, and also you need to handle him in your terms. How will you do this?

First, you have to make certain that you get a professional who understands business – your company. He needs to listen, and become careful before giving advice. If he attempts to drop a pre-packaged solution for you, drop him. Make certain he charges through the project, not on an hourly basis – hourly rates are ideal for developers, although not for clients. Hourly rates mean they get compensated *more* for each bug they’ve created – so that they create as much as they are able to.

After you have selected a developer, the next thing is arrive at a contract on which must be done. Don’t be concerned concerning the particular technology used – the developer should be worried about that. Be worried about the thing you need in your finish – and adhere to your guns! You realize your company best, as well as your developer should respect that.

Once you have a contract, you receive a contract signed, and so the real fun begins. Insist that the developer provide you with regular progress updates – including early versions from the software (known as ‘builds’). This way, bugs could be detected early, there won’t be any surprises once the project has ended. With respect to the project, you might be able to obtain a build every couple of days, or each week. The greater frequent, the greater.