Software technology is invading every type of business. It is changing how many offices run as administrative duties are easily covered through technology. Transportation is seeing massive changes as new technology is replacing traditional drivers on urban transit systems and traffic control is more and more in the hands of technologists instead of urban planners. Retail is, of course, seeing changes as more shoppers turn to the internet to make that final purchase instead of the neighborhood store.

Even in car dealerships, technology is changing the way a sale is made by introducing new methods of finding customers, making that sale and keeping them happy. Whether we are looking at how automotive CRM or customer relationship management software can manage marketing campaigns or how a salesperson on the floor incorporates their iPad into their sales pitch, technology is causing a revolution in the car dealership today.

Bringing the Customer in from the Cold

One of the great innovations of this century has to be the social media network that has sprung up on the internet. This set of websites that began as a simple way to make use of the internet to communicate with others across the web has become one of the best tools for reaching a local market for any kind of business. When you combine that with the fact that today’s modern car shopper uses the internet to research what they want to buy, then come into the dealership to make that purchase, you have a great way to find your local buyer.

Websites that give as much information as a buyer could need to make that buying decision, coupled with social media marketing, will make a dealership visible to local buyers. They can give today’s smart dealership new and exciting ways to reach out to customers, identify their needs and deliver what they want when they want it. Since car buyers use the internet in the exact opposite way that traditional web shoppers do, they research online then buy in person, it makes a dealership website the technology that drives every sale.

Technology on the Sales Floor

But the invasion of technology into the traditional car dealership doesn’t end with a customer walking into the dealership showroom floor. Today many of the sales staff at a dealership have tablet in hand as they walk a customer through the options for their ideal purchase. These tablets can have everything from schematics of the engine to safety statistics and even financial arrangements for purchase. Any question a prospective buyer may have can probably be answered by the sales staff on the floor with a simple swipe of a finger.

This use of mobile technology has changed the tone of the dealership showroom floor into one that is informative instead of sales oriented. This is because today’s informed shopper already knows what they want and what features are important to them. The salespersons job is to make sure they have want they want, and of course to upsell them features and financial arrangements they may not be aware of before they sign on the dotted line.

The revolution we have seen in so many aspects of our lives is alive and well on the auto dealership floor, and selling cars better than ever. Who knows where it will go from here?