If you have walked into an automotive dealership lately you may have noticed a change. Gone are the old days of high pressure car salesmen, today we see smart informative salespeople ready to work with us on our buy. Of course, a big reason for this is that we, as buyers, have changed dramatically. Instead of walking into a dealership with either a vague idea of what we want or a brand loyalty that drives all buying habits, we come armed with knowledge. Yes, today’s modern car buyer probably not only knows what he or she is going to buy before they even take that first step into the car dealer’s showroom, they know why.

They come armed with statistics and safety records, gleamed from an internet that gives us more information at our fingertips than ever before in human history. It has upped the game for many car dealerships, and they have had to learn to use that technology just as we have. The same internet that gives us the ammunition to know what we want has given the dealership a clearer picture of what we want as well. From automotive call center technology that anticipates our needs to high tech tablets that answer our questions, they have answered the call for smarter selling. Here are just a few changes you may see around that friendly neighborhood auto dealership the next time you walk in the doors.

Calling for More Information

If you have ever called a business and instead found yourself answering twenty questions from a friendly and polite voice, chances are you are talking to someone at a call center. These rooms of phones in cubicles might be our idea of hell; but for these people this is a living that would have been unheard of just twenty years ago from now.

Today many call centers have shifted to huge rural areas where labor and housing is cheap or to overseas centers. But don’t underestimate what a well designed and trained call center can do for a business like an automotive dealership. Many of these centers are the basis for software programs that give these dealerships the edge when a customer walks in the door.

By gaining as much information as possible on what people are asking and looking for, these centers become the hub for information, known today as Big Data, that is the basis of software that create the marketing programs for many dealerships.

In Dealership Hardware

Another big trend that has really heated up the last few years is the use of tablets on the showroom floor by salespeople. These handy little computers can help the sales staff by letting them pull up statistics, sales numbers, safety records and even show how certain specific financial packages will work for potential buyers. Since the financial department of the dealership is the real profit center, most dealerships will find a way to sign up that customer right there on the floor rather than let them out of their sight.

So, as you can see, from software that gives them insight into customer needs to call centers that pull the data right through to tablets that deliver that information to the floor, technology has taken on the auto dealership. Today’s modern dealership has the gadgets, technology and know-how to deliver the car you want, with the extras you crave at the price you must have. It is a win-win for everyone.