Apple has always been in the spotlight for its super stylish and advanced iPhones. We all are excited and fret at the same time imagining the various changes and differences new technology can bring upon us. One of the hottest debates these days is whether you can access 3D touch on your iPhone 6s along with the Apple approved screen protectors.

Masking your iPhone 6s screen with tempered glass or plastic screen protectors will not affect the viability of the 3D screen touch. No such issues will be faced if all screen protectors follow the guidelines laid down by Apple. You do not have to apply additional pressure or worry about touch variation while touching the screen protector.

Tempered glass screen protectors absolutely pose no change in touch compared to thin plastic screen protectors. Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller announced in an email “Screen overlays that follow our guidelines will continue to work with 3D Touch”

What are the Apple design guidelines for screen protectors?

  • Screen protectors must be electrically conductive
  • Standard thickness – Up to 0.3mm
  • Avoid air gaps in between the touch screen

What is the hype about 3D touch?

3D touch is an advanced technological feature given to iPhones operating on iOS 9 and gives a number of shortcuts to different functions. Peeking into content quickly without navigating the phone with a deep press or 3D touch is a cool feature, avoiding the overlap with other tap functions.

3D touch is dependent on force sensors that are incorporated with the phone’s backlight based in the display assembly. Sensors present on the phone measures the microscopic alteration in distance between the backlight and the cover glass when pressure is applied on the screen.

Software algorithms, after data feed regards various factors like the data input by the accelerometer and the touch sensor which in turn helps to conclude the volume of pressure applied by the user applies. iPhone 6s screen protector with 3D touch is only  limited to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus smart phones.

Using screen protectors are any day safer than expending money on a broken screen. They prevent physical damage to your phone screens. Your heart races rapidly when you drop your phone and realize you have a broken screen. After mending yourself, you don’t leave any stone untouched to find out ways to fix your phone.

When you have cool accessories like screen protectors available, do not setback and assure yourself that you wouldn’t ever drop your phone.

Apple started a new retail service to apply the screen protectors to your Apple iPhones. These employees will install the screen protector using in-store devices. This is a valuable choice because ‘’No one knows children better than their mothers’’ and Apple employees are perfect for this because they are experts of their iPhones.

Be rest assured that your iPhone 6s and 6s plus will work with all Apple screen protectors available in the market, provided the design guidelines are being followed. You have made a considerable investment in owning an iPhone. Enjoy using your iPhone and flaunt it without second thoughts!