Windows 10 home has changed the way people work on a laptop. It comes across as one of the most remarkable changes brought in by Microsoft. Not only has the outlook of the usual windows changed but it has also changed the technology to bring about a robust working system in this emerging technological environment.

Windows 10 home key activated the Windows 10 Home operating system on the PC bringing to life the features that have been making headlines since long now.


The biggest treat for the Windows users with Windows 10 Home is their personal assistant Cortana. In line with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Windows has launched its own assistant integrated system for easier automation of tasks. Users can simply command to play music, open up a file, search for a folder or browse through the internet for something while they can still continue to work on what they like. It helps multitask too.

Speed of the system

As compared to the earlier windows versions the Windows 10 opens up quicker and steadier. It makes way for playing of high quality videos, games and run the complex of programs smoothly on the system. With 3D engine module and immersive performance Windows 10 is a great tool for the gamers and web developers to experiment with their software and work on a system that is too fast to process commands.

Super sandboxes

Multitasking is one of the key moves of Windows 10. It brings along the super sandbox feature where multiple software and app can run simultaneously but this time with a small window keeps available the performance of the software right on the screen. Therefore one can keep working on full screen and still have a glimpse of the other app on a small window version.


The world is becoming internet savvy! It only makes sense to have a great browser that protects the PC from hazards of the internet, aces quality search and runs with more compatibility and speed. Microsoft Spartan is the answer to all the needs. With readily available and integrated application browsing on the Spartan is much swift and safe.

Virtual desktops

Windows 10 allows switching across virtual desktops and works on one unit at a time. With just one click one can switch to another system altogether. And this is aided with the help of Cortana menu.

Windows 10 is a big addition to a rather advanced operating system for having a sound, speedy and intriguing work experience!